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Robokonon & the Cosmic Co-Ed

"Let's hold hands across the Milky Way."


Welcome to Robokonon & the Cosmic Co-Ed.

I am Nathan Shafer and this website is a project called Robokonon & the Cosmic Co-Ed. It began as a place were I had some artwork up, but the traffic data was more interesting than the work, so I decided to take the search phrases and keywords and use them to make the kind of stuff people were hopefully looking for. 'Robokonon' and 'cosmic coed' were two of my favorite search words, which together made a cool sounding title for this site.

I am a member of the Meme-Rider Media Team and the Manifest.AR collectives.
To see some of my recent projects and collaborations, or works by the other Meme-Riders, click HERE.

If you have come to this webpage to view works from Anchorage Narratives for the Anchorage Centennial Celebration please click HERE.

Or follow this link if you want to learn more about the Exit Glacier AR Terminus Project.

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If you have performed a daring search into the unknown that has brought us together, please let me know.
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FroFrom Frost Masters:"wranglers du chaud"

"Farkakte, Qupqugiaq"
-- Baltimore Gabstein,
from Travels to Ixtiibrenania

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