Meme-Rider Media Team

Meme-Rider Media Team (w/ Nathan Shafer, Joelle Howald, Jared Chandler):
Selected Projects:

Exit Glacier AR Terminus Project

Borealises (with VPAP)


Augmented Inuksuit Project
KONR Augmented

Mt. View AR Artwalk
Wintermoot AR Festival
Pixel Fjords Clinic

Alaska Makers

Seward Mural Walk
ARchiteuthis (with VPAP) Seward's Success

Office for the Removal of Bad Spells

Manifest Infinity Life Extension Foundation

Community Hope and goodwill Machine

Enter Starbreath

Society for Low-Budget Subversive Love

Meme-Rider Scouting Collective

F Augmented Salon

Websites for Non-Profits

Lost in Mt. View